Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic Pool Cover Service, Repair, and Installation

An automatic cover is the number one safety feature that can be added to a pool.  For any safety feature to work properly, however, it must be maintained.

At Pro Service Plus, we do preventive maintenance on auto covers to ensure they last longer and stay safe. The pool cover services that we offer are as follows:

Automatic Cover Cleaning

  1. We apply an organic cleaner that cleans the cover without harming it.
  2. Next we scrub the cover with a brush that is specially designed to be less harsh on the fabric.

Auto Cover Tune-Up

  1. Lubricate pulleys and fittings.
  2. Remove dirt and any built up debris in track.
  3. Check and tighten all screws.
  4. Reset stops and fine tune cover mechanism.
  5. Do 15 point inspection of cover components.

Automatic Cover Repairs

At Pro Service Plus, we repair all major cover fabrics and system including:  Coverstar, Automatic Pool Covers, Cover Pool Specialist, Cover Pools and Aquamatic cover systems.

New Fabric Replacement

We only use top-of-the-line fabric with all our new fabric replacements, we include sliders, pulley and track wash. We do this to make sure that your new automatic pool cover fabric will last as long as the original. By changing pulleys, the rope can glide more easily, allowing the cover to run smoothly as it was designed to work. The sliders keep the cover in line and are wear points.  By replacing, them the cover runs online a designed. Track washing is a must with all buildup over time-clean tracks run smoothly. Pulleys and Sliders should be replaced with every fabric change and we offer it standard. How many times have you had your oil changed and they used the same filter?

*Please see manufacturer warranty for details

Automatic Cover Installation

We can do a free onsite evaluation which includes:

  • Measuring for cover
  • Showing color samples of covers
  • Determining which system works best for your pool application

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