Pool Repairs

We repair everything in and around the swimming pool. From our vast experience in the industry we are able to identified issue before they become problems. This is why we offer a swimming pool survey and assessment for any new customers.
We perform all of the following pool repairs:

• Filter Sand Change
• Motor Replacement
• Pump Repair and Replacement
• Heater Repair and Replacement
• Salt System Installation and Repair
• Installation of Pool Automation and repair pool automation
• Install and Repair Automatic Pool Covers
• Tune Up and Clean Automatic Pool Covers

Filter Sand Change

This should be done every 3 to 4 year based on water chemistry.
When we replace sand in a filter we remove all the sand and check the internal components.
We give our customers the option to change their filter media to Glass instead of sand.
By making this change, a pool owner can go 10 years before it needs to be changed.
Also Glass Media filters down to 5 microns vs. 50 microns for sand (this mean that glass filters 10 times more debris out of the water).

Motor Replacement

If your pool motor is not working or sound extremely loud then it probably needs replaced. We use only top rated pool motors that come with a one year warranty. We can also upgrade pump with energy efficient motors to conserve energy.

Pump Repair and Replacement

If your pump is leaking or not circulating pool water properly then we can repair it. Maybe it is outdated and needs to be replaced we can do that as well. We offer eco-friendly pump option that can save thousands of dollars in electricity.

Heater Repair and Replacement

We repair all pool Heaters including: Hayward Pool Heaters, Jandy Pool Heaters and, Pentair Pool Heaters. Also we can replace your current pool heater with a more energy efficient one.

Salt System Installation and Repair

We install new salt system on existing pool system. We are also a certified repair center for most major manufactures.

Swimming Pool Survey and Assessment:

Pro Service Plus will determine age of all your equipment. Measure your pool to get an accurate number of gallons of water in your pool. Our professionals identify any future problems that can be avoided with some preventive maintenance. Please contact us today to set up a swimming pool survey and assessment

Pool Automation Installation and Repair:

Do you want to control your pool form you IPhone or android device. We install pool automations systems that control all functions of your pool. Also we can repair your current device form Hayward OmniLogic, Prologic, Jandy AquaLink and Pentairs EasyTouch and ScreenLogic.

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